Carpet Gripper 15m

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Dual purpose carpet gripper
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  • Sold in packs of 15m. – 10 lengths at 1.5m each.
  • To see how to calculate how many packs you require, see the description below or use our Free Planning Service and we will work it out for you.


  • For use when fitting carpet on underlay.
  • Dual purpose nails for use with concrete or wood surfaces.
  • Fit your grippers around the perimeter of the room, cutting the rods to size with a hacksaw when you reach the end of each wall. Ideally, you should leave a gap around the same thickness of your carpet between the skirting and the gripper (around 10mm). This will enable you to neatly tuck the carpet in after you’ve fitted it to the gripper. You also need to make sure the angled nails are facing towards the wall, so the carpet can be stretched over them.

How much do i need?

  • To work out how much you need. Add together the perimeter of your room (L+L+W+W). If you doing multiple rooms, add all the totals together.
    Lounge = 5x4m,  Bedroom = 3x3m,  Bedroom 2 = 4×3.5m.
    Add together, 5+5+4+4 = 18m,  3+3+3+3 = 12m, 4+3.5+4+3.5=15m
    18+12+15m = 45m needed in total. 
    45 divided by 15  (There are 15m per pack) = 3 packs needed.
  • If you are fitting carpet gripper to a staircase, you generally require 2 lengths (3m) per step. Obviously , not all rooms and hallways are square/rectangle, so the above is a guideline only. Make sure you measure each part of the floor that requires gripper.